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    March 23, 2009


    Matt Daniels

    It's things like this that will never come out of any brand research study--certainly one that is quantitative in nature.

    But I wonder if some Brand Manager from the 50s-70s read this article and said, "Aha! That was exactly our strategy when we created our advertising campaign!" With the ubiquity that Coke had 30 years ago (along with advertising's dominance), I wouldn't be surprise if the experience could be claimed as "engineered." But present day, that's a much different story...

    amber finlay

    Ha - Maybe!! Whatever the situation, I think any brand manager would be really touched by it. Sometimes it's hard (as I'm sure you know) when you work on a brand to see outside it's walls, and often when you do it's disappointing - people don't pay nearly as much attention as marketers think they do. But something like this can reaffirm that you're doing it all for a reason, beyond just selling product.

    Brian Chiger

    Good point! Ritualized consumption is absolutely a huge deal. We talked about it a lot when I worked on the Folgers brand. Perhaps the biggest insight in their Brand history was to become the "morning coffee." By becoming intrinsic to the morning consumption ritual, Folgers exploded their market share and never looked back (this was back in 1984).

    One of the interesting things about hypothermia is that during the late stages people become delirious and actually feel like they're overheating. They will often remove all of their clothing in an attempt to "get cool" even though they are actually freezing to death. This is called paradoxical undressing and it happens in 25-50% of hypothemia cases.

    Perhaps, Rafael was suffering from this and was becoming delirious for some ice cold refreshment. I know that when I'm feeling overheated there's nothing like an ice cold Coca-Cola to cool me down. (In the glass hobbleskirt bottle of course!)

    Perhaps this was the ritual he was reliving in his mind.

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